Apr 21, 2017 | posted by Jason Nugent

The Annual Meeting of Canby Telephone Association is scheduled for May 11, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the company training facility located at 150 SE 2nd Avenue, Canby. The Nominating Committee has nominated John Zieg incumbent director, to run for Position #1.

The Board of Directors has unanimously proposed some amendments to the Canby Telephone Association Bylaws. The complete Amendments are outlined in a red-lined document available at either DirectLink office or online at www.DirectLink.com/bylaws. A Summary of the proposed amendments are as follows:

1. Effective January 1, 2017, Canby Telephone purchased all the assets of Mt. Angel Telephone Company. The most significant amendments deal primarily with this purchase. The amendments are set forth in Article V and include:

a. Changing the number of Board Members from 5 to 6;

b. Adding a Board of Directors position to represent the Mt. Angel Telephone service area;

c. Establishing the election area for the remaining Board of Directors.

d. Addressed how the Mt. Angel Board position will be filled;

e. Clarify that the Chairman of the Board will only vote in the event of a tie (Article 6.4).

2. Clarifying the term of office for vacancies filled by the Board of Directors (Article 5.3).

3. Clarifying conflict of interest procedures (Article 6.7).

4. Several amendments have been proposed to clean up ambiguities and address other minor clarifications, including:

a. Confirming the ability of Canby Telephone to operate under an “ABN” – or – Assumed Business Name, including DirectLink (Article 1.1);

b. Adding consistency to various cross references to the Oregon Cooperative Corporation Act, Articles of Incorporation, and similar terms;

c. Adding consistency to capitalized/defined terms;

d. Cleaning up some punctuation and grammatical issues;

e. Clarifying that the fidelity bond previously required by the Bylaws may be addressed through the purchase of insurance (Article 7.3);


f. Correcting statutory citations.

Please join us for Open House prior to the Annual Meeting on May 11th beginning 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM.

Experience an interactive technology showcase of fun exhibits, see how fiber is spliced and exactly how data travels over the Internet. Drop in for some delicious snacks and meet Susan, “the voice” who has answered the DirectLink phone in Canby for over 18 years. As questions from several member services, technical support an installation staff. Enter to win an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot!

Click Here for the Full Annual Meeting Notice 2017

Click here for the updated 2017 Bylaws (Red Lined)

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