OMNI Internet


OMNI is a unique, all-in-one internet solution. It offers fast, reliable internet speeds delivered over an unshared, direct-to-you fiber connection and a top-class WiFi system at one price.


Reliable, Dedicated Fiber Connection

Upload and Download

Fast Uploads and Downloads

Easy to use app

Easy to Use Management App

Parental Controls

Enhanced Parental Controls


Multiple Layers of Security

OMNI Includes:

OMNI u6 and u4
A direct, reliable, high-speed internet connection.

Your fiber internet is connected directly to our office and comes with unlimited data. That means no sharing with neighbors, data cap throttling, or peak time congestion. Providing low latency for gaming and video conferencing. Plus, a powerful WiFi router to broadcast a strong signal to your entire home and connect all of your devices is included for no additional charge.

Click here for more information on WiFi service and equipment.

Lightning-fast download and supersonic upload speeds.

Use download speed free from data restrictions to stream shows, watch movies, load web pages and download files. Enjoy included upload speeds that start at 5-times faster than industry average for outgoing video chat content, security camera feeds or shared files.

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Easily control your home WiFi network with your fingertip!

Monitor your network from anywhere with the included, simple to use OMNI IQ WiFi app. You can choose which devices take connection priority, turn internet on or off by device, set up a guest network, or change your password with a touch.

Click here for more information on the OMNI IQ mobile app.

Keep those little ones safe with built in parental controls.

Unplug the whole family from the home WiFi during game night or curb after bedtime videos with the extra parental controls built into the OMNI IQ app. It lets you block devices from accessing your network at set times, or in the moment. Plus, monitor connected devices and set permissions for any user or device on your network.

Click here for more information on enhanced parental/device controls.

Automatic security that protects all devices on the network.

Everything from our web browsing to mobile devices and smart devices installed in your home has the potential to be targeted by online scammers. OMNI has two layers of built-in protection to help keep you safe. One level covers your home network specifically and the other layer lies at the DirectLink office for the entire system. Both types help to block viruses, ransomware, malware and brute force attacks.

One simple price, no hidden monthly fees, contracts or data limits.


Everyday Price:
per month
100 Mbps download
50 Mbps upload*
Broadband Facts


Everyday Price:
per month
250 Mbps download
125 Mbps upload*
Broadband Facts


Everyday Price:
per month
500 Mbps download
250 Mbps upload*
Broadband Facts


Everyday Price:
per month
1000 Mbps download
500 Mbps upload*
Broadband Facts
All OMNI packages include:
Superior, Whole Home WiFi Equipment
Easy-to-use Network Management App
Enhanced Parental and Device Controls
Added Levels of Security Protection
Unlimited Data
Unlimited 24/7 Friendly Support
No Contracts

Looking for a Home?

Chrome Web Store

Use the Fiber Homes Chrome Extension while browsing Zillow for houses and it will tell you if it is a certified Fiber Home.

You can also Search our fiber map to see what services are available at your address or when fiber is estimated to be completed.

24/7 Friendly Support

With DirectLink's ongoing reliability, chances are you won't need support for your internet connection. But should a challenge arise or if you have a question, our friendly team of experts are available 24/7 and ready to help. No complicated phone trees and no confusing online chatbots, just real people who want you to have the best experience possible.

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