Jan 25, 2024 | posted by Conner Williams

Watch Out for Scammers Posing as DirectLink Staff

Another day, another scam, and this time it involves scammers posing as DirectLink staff in unsolicited phone calls trying to get members to give up their personal information.In this scam, the caller identifies themselves as being associated with Canby Telephone Association (that’s the official name of the DirectLink cooperative). The caller then says they want to send the member a box that will convert their home to digital at no cost, at which point they’ll also ask for personal information like date of birth, service address, and others.THIS IS A SCAM. Neither DirectLink staff nor any of our service partners are cold-calling our members and asking for personal information. If you do receive a call from a DirectLink team member, they will always identify themselves by name.Here are a few reminders for how to spot and handle scams like this:

  • If the caller or their offer sound suspicious, hang up the call and dial your local Member Services Team to confirm its legitimacy – you can reach us at 503.266.8111 in Canby and at 503.845.2291 in Mt. Angel.
  • Never give out personal information over the phone unless you know for certain the caller is legitimate.

We would like to thank the DirectLink members who encountered this scam for letting us know and for staying vigilant and not giving out their personal information.

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Canby: 503.266.8111
Mt. Angel: 503.845.2291