Jun 3, 2021 | posted by Charlie Mouy

Amazon scam calls have surged significantly over the past few months. Consumers are now regularly receiving anywhere between 100 million and 150 million robocalls per month from fraudsters claiming to be with Amazon, according to YouMail, which has a robocall blocking app.  Some of those calls having reached members of our community.  

Scammers will generally call with an automated message, pretending to be Amazon customer service. They will tell you that there was a fraudulent charge on your account, and then they will tell you that they can help you fix it.  In one local case, a scammer called a member and asked to confirm delivery, and we suspect this was an attempt to steal personal account information. 

If you are an Amazon customer and suspect fraud, log in to your account through the Amazon mobile app or website to verify your order status/history or to contact customer service directly. While some departments at Amazon will make outbound calls to customers, Amazon will never ask you to disclose or verify sensitive personal information or offer you a refund you do not expect.

To learn more about these scams and others, read https://www.freep.com/story/money/personal-finance/susan-tompor/2021/06/02/alerts-scams-impersonate-amazon/5198380001/

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