Apr 15, 2024 | posted by Conner Williams

Watch Out for this Text Message Scam Targeting DirectLink Members

Our Member Services Team has been notified of a new text scam going around pretending to be from DirectLink. In this scam, the message threatens that the recipient’s services will be turned off if they do not click a link to update their expired payment information. This is a scam. DirectLink does not send threatening emails or text messages with vague web links to our members. 

DirectLink will only send you a text message if you have opted in to receiving text messages through the SmartHub app. The message will ask you to log in to SmartHub to update your information and will include this link to the SmartHub website: https://DirectLink.SmartHub.coop

If you have not opted into text messages from DirectLink through SmartHub and your payment method has expired or is about to expire, we’ll send you an email or a letter with instructions. 

If you’re ever suspicious of an email or text message that claims to be from DirectLink, please do not hesitate to contact us to verify the message’s legitimacy. You can reach the Member Services Team by phone at 503.266.8111 in Canby or 503.845.2291 in Mt. Angel, or by email at WeCare@DirectLink.coop. 

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Canby: 503.266.8111
Mt. Angel: 503.845.2291