Nov 20, 2019 | posted by Conner Williams

Gadget Review: Amazon Echo Dot - Third Generation

"Alexa, turn on the living room lights"
"Alexa, play country music hits"
"Alexa, send me a recipe for pumpkin pie"

Utilize Amazon’s famous voice assistant, Alexa, with the newest generation of the Echo Dot. Voice control your music and stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and more when signed into an account through the Amazon Alexa mobile app. The third generation Echo Dot features improved speaker quality and the ability to pair two Dots for a surround sound-like experience. 

The Echo Dot syncs up with the Alexa app, where you can control settings and add new skills, which are essentially like voice-activated apps for the Dot. Play Jeopardy!, get the weather report, tell Roomba to start vacuuming, get a news flash briefing, and more with tens of thousands of skills to choose from in the Amazon Store. Most skills are free to enable, but some have premium subscription options as well. 

The Echo Dot plugs into a regular power outlet and will automatically connect to your Amazon account and WiFi network when logged in to the Alexa app on a smartphone or tablet. It features volume up and down buttons, a microphone mute button, and the action button, which can be used to make a command instead of saying “Alexa” to initiate a new command. The new Echo Dot also features the Drop In function, which allows a user to send a message to a Dot, like "be home soon," for example. 

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