Jun 20, 2019 | posted by Conner Williams

What is upload speed and why is it important?

You and the family are on vacation and want to check in on your house through a virtual security camera system like Google Nest or Ring Doorbell. But what happens if your home’s Internet connection doesn’t have a fast enough upload speed to get that video feed to you? Systems like this require a fair amount of upload speed in order to transfer live video feeds to the Internet to be viewed on a smartphone or other mobile device. You won’t be able to see that security feed and know that your home is safe unless your connection’s upload speed is fast enough.

Most Internet service providers only showcase a single number when advertising their connection speeds. That number is known as the download speed and denotes the bandwidth that is used for the following tasks:

  •       Stream HD video
  •       Load a web page to view
  •       Stream music
  •       Scroll through social media apps like Instagram or Facebook

Often overlooked is a connection’s upload speed, which is crucial for to perform a variety of tasks, including:

  •       Stream live video feeds from a home security system (2 Mbps per camera)
  •       Send large files via email (1 Mbps)
  •       Video call (1-2 Mbps per stream)
  •       Play online multiplayer games (1 Mbps per user)
  •       Smartphone automatic backups over WiFi

DirectLink offers the fastest upload speeds in town with every Internet connection. In fact, our upload speeds are more than five times faster than other providers in the area. Plus, every Internet speed tier is free from overage fees and includes unlimited data.

Check out the breakdown of our download and upload speeds to see for yourself! 

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