Apr 21, 2020 | posted by Conner Williams

3 tips to improve your home WiFi

If you have WiFi service from DirectLink, please call us if you have any issues.

Does your movie ever stop to load while watching it? Do you ever experience lag or interruptions when playing online games? What about a weak WiFi signal in certain rooms or areas of the home? Read on for a few tips to help improve your home’s WiFi connection.

1.      Try to centralize your WiFi router. To provide a strong connection throughout the home, your router should be in a fairly centralized location so that the WiFi signal can reach different areas. Since some routers might not match your home décor or be pleasant to look at, you might be inclined to hide it in a cabinet or behind the entertainment center. This could weaken or interrupt the connection and interfere with its ability to provide a signal to certain areas of the home.

2.     Purchase a new router every few years. Just like smartphones, computers, and gaming devices, WiFi routers have a lifespan and become less efficient as they age. Upgrading to a newer router is an effective way to improve your home's WiFi range, strength, and reliability. If you experience slow web page loading times, video buffering, or trouble connecting in certain rooms, it might be time to upgrade your router to a more modern version.

3.      Consider DirectLink’s WiFi Home Networking solution.  We provide state-of-the-art equipment in a centralized location designed to reach your entire home to ensure a strong, reliable connection. Plus, our team of experts makes sure the equipment is up to date and functioning properly so you don’t have to. WiFi Home Networking also comes with in-house technical support, so you can call us if any issues arise. We’ll be able to look at the situation remotely and provide a solution on the spot. Visit www.DirectLink.coop/Internet/WiFi for more information.

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