Wireless Network Setup

A wireless router allows you to connect multiple devices/computers to your Internet wirelessly. DirectLink offers a wireless service which is fully supported and managed. For more information on the features of this service visit the OMNI WiFi features page or contact our Member Services Department.

General Wireless Router Setup

If you have your own wireless router and need help with setup click here for basic instruction. If you need more specific instruction and help with your 3rd party router please contact the manufacturer's documentation and support.

DirectLink Wifi Networking Device's and Setup

With DirectLink's WiFi service we fully support and manage your wireless network. Please call Technical Support for any questions or issues.

If you have DirectLink's WiFi service we provide you with a router and/or access point and will help you set up and troubleshoot your network.

SSID and Password

Click here for more information about connecting to your wireless network using your SSID and password.

Connecting a Wireless Computer

Once you have your wireless network setup you will need to connect your laptop or other wireless devices to your network. Click here for a tutorial connecting a computer to your wireless network.