Speed Troubleshooting

No matter what type of internet connection you have, you should be getting a consistent speed rate. Your internet subscription is normally quoted in megabits per second (e.g. "100/50 Mbps", which would be 100 megabits per second download and 50 megabits per second upload).

The download speed is the rate at which you can recieve information from websites. This determines how fast you can download files and at what quality you can view streaming video.
The upload speed is the rate at which your computer can send information to websites. It's less important to have a fast upload unless you are sending large files such as pictures and video accross the web. It is important that this rate doesn't drop too low or your computer will not be able to make requests for information which will result in a poor experience.
Click here to run an internet speed test in your browser

Speed test results will show your latency, download and upload. The latency is the time it takes to get a response from the server (a lower number is better). The download and upload results should be close to your quoted speed rate. It won't be exact and due to overhead and equipment they will often be slightly lower, but it's a good way to make sure there isn't a major problem.

For example if your quoted speed rate is "100 Mbps" your download result should be at least 85 Mbps. It's good to run the test multiple times to see how consistent the results are. If the results are not close to your quoted rate please contact Technical Support.

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