The Phones screen is accessed through the left menu under the All Lines category.

The Phones page allows you to manage the phones in a Business Group and to assign them to Business Group Lines.

A Phone Profile is a set of configuration for a physical phone. Phone Profiles can exist at several levels.

  • Globally.
  • For a Business Group.
  • For a Department.
  • For a Business Group Line.

Where multiple Phone Profiles apply to a physical phone, they are applied in the above order so, for example, any settings from the Department Phone Profile override settings from the global Phone Profile.

Click on the manage your phone profiles link to manage your phone profiles for all phones in the Business Group.

Phones Configuration

Each row in the table includes the following information for one Phone.

  • The MAC address that uniquely identifies the physical Phone.
  • The telephone number or Department that the Phone is assigned to. Multiple phones can be assigned to the same telephone number or Department.
  • Once a phone is assigned to a line you can manage and configure the profile for this Phone.

Change Phone Information

  • Description
  • Expansion Modules. These are add-ons to the Phone that provide additional keys.
  • Whether or not the Phone is assigned to a line, and the line's telephone number if so. If you wish to unassign the Phone from a line altogether, simply uncheck the checkbox in the Assigned to line? field.