Misc. Settings

Misc. Settings is accessed through the left menu under the Services category.

Number Blocks

A Number Block defines a range of directory numbers used for Business Group Lines in the Business Group.

Each Number Block in the table shows the range of directory numbers and the number of directory numbers to which Business Group Lines have actually been assigned.

External Calls

Each call type can have the following limits. Note, external call limits apply to the total number of incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Unlimited.
  • Limited. In this case the maximum number of external calls is also shown.
  • Not permitted.

Your default carriers for making calls are shown. Note, these may be overriden on per line and/or per call.

Other Settings

Restricted Subscriber Messaging prevents the forwarding of voicemail messages to subscribers outside of the business group. This applies to the whole business group.

Internal Operator Number sets the default operator number for the whole business group. This may be overridden for individual departments.