All Lines

Click "All Lines" on the left side nav in the main menu to view this screen.

The Lines page shows any User Lines, Sim-Ring Groups (MADNs), Hunt Group Pilots and Attendants. Additionally, the visible list may be filtered by selecting the Users, Attendants and Groups navigator links.

  • User lines correspond to particular people within the Business Group.
  • Attendants can provide basic call routing services, e.g. for a single external directory number for a business.
  • Sim-Ring and Hunt Groups allow callers to find an available user without having to ring them individually.


For each line, this button allows you to:

  • View the Hunt Group or Sim-Ring Group configuration.
  • View the line (including attendant) configuration.
  • Reset a line.
  • Unlock an account. If the account was not locked, nothing will happen.

Reset Line

You will be asked for some new properties for the line:

  • New account name: The server may reject some special characters and names that are too long or short.

Resetting an account will permanently lose all its settings including saved messages and contacts. Please take extra care when performing this operation.

After successfully resetting the account another popup will display the new user details, which may include the following:

  • Telephone Number
  • Account Name
  • Account Password
  • Voicemail PIN
  • Call Services PIN

These user details will be preselected and can be easily copied and pasted wherever required. The account name, password and PIN can be changed afterwards in the Settings page, via the "View individual settings" action.

Download all Lines

To download information for all lines in the Business Group, click "Download all Lines". The information will be downloaded to a CSV file and will contain, for each line:

  • Department Name
  • Name
  • Directory Number