The Departments page shows all departments and is accessed through the left menu under the Services category.

Departments divide your Business group into separately-administrable groups. Business Group administrators can optionally be restricted so that they only have privileges to administer lines within a given Department (and its sub-departments). Departments may be divided into sub-departments.

Lines, Attendants, Groups, Phones or Short Codes can all be placed into a department (or in the top-level Business Group-wide department) and moved between departments in the pages relating to each of those items.

Department Configuration

Each row in the table shows the Department name and call limits. Department names are indented to show their hierarchy.

When deleting a Department, ensure that the Department is empty of Lines, Phones, Call Pickup Groups, Short Codes and other Departments - Departments can't be deleted unless they are empty. Lines, Phones, Groups or Short Codes, can be deleted or moved into other Departments. Sub departments must be deleted.

Call Limits

Call limits control how many calls are permitted into and out of a department. The call limits you set for a particular department apply to that part of the department "tree" (a department and all departments below it). Calls within that part of the tree (within the department, or between two sub-departments) do not count toward these limits, but calls to or from departments elsewhere in the business group or outside of the business group are counted. Make sure you set this limit high enough to account for all the departments below this one.

Three different types of limits can be specified.

  • Incoming and Outgoing - This limits the total number of calls into and out of the department or its sub-departments.
  • Incoming - This limits the number of calls into this department or its sub-departments.
  • Outgoing - This limits the number of calls out of this department or its sub-departments.

For each type of limit, calls can be:

  • blocked, meaning that no calls are permitted
  • limited to a specific number of calls
  • unlimited, meaning that any number of calls are permitted for this department and its sub-departments, although calls may still be restricted by limits set on a department higher or lower in the tree.