Call Logs

The Call Logs page allows you to download a report of all calls made to or from lines in your Business Group or a particular department. It is accessed through the left menu under the Services category.

Once you have downloaded the report, you can open it in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. The report includes the following fields:

  • Date and time that the call was made.
  • Whether the call was between two lines in your Business Group, from an external line into your Business Group or from a line in your Business Group to an external line.
  • The calling number, and its extension and department if applicable.
  • The called number, and its extension and department if applicable.
  • Whether the call was answered.
  • The length of the call.
  • How long the caller was waiting for the call to be answered.
  • Any account and carrier codes that were dialed to make the call.

Note that if you filter on department and your department was recently renamed, you will only see calls that were made since the renaming.