Remote Control Basics

Turn Your Set Top Box or TV On or Off

  • There is a seperate power button for both your TV and the Set Top Box at the top of the remote.
  • To turn your TV on or off, press the TV POWER button in the upper left.
Your remote control must have the remote code programmed in before it can send the correct signals for your TV. For help programming your remote click here.
  • To turn your Set Top Box on or off, press the STB Power button in the upper right.
It is not necessary to turn your Set Top Box off. Especially with a DVR, it must be on at all times to record scheduled programs.

Change Channels

  • The CH+/- button will change channels up or down one at a time.
  • The Number Pad can be used to directly enter a channel number.
  • GUIDE will display the Guide which displays a listing of programming up to 3 days in advance. If the program is on now, you tune to the channel showing it. If not, you can set a scheduled event to remind you when it does come on.
If your Set Top Box supports recording, you can schedule a recording for the program. For more information on using the Guide, click here.

Adjust Volume

  • The VOL+/- button will adjust the volume gradually.
  • The MUTE button will toggle the sound on and off.

System Buttons

  • There are a number of buttons on your remote that display different features of your service.
  • MENU displays the Menubar. The Menubar provides quick access to every feature supported by your service.
  • i or "Info" button displays the Infobar, a feature that lets you see information on what you’re watching, what’s coming on next, and what’s on other channels.
  • X or "Exit" button causes your Set Top Box to exit whatever screen you are seeing and return you to normal TV viewing. If you ever get lost on a screen, it is always safe to press X and then start over.