Navigating the Guide

Guide is the place to quickly find out what’s on now and what’s playing later. You can set reminders or recordings for upcoming programs in Guide.

Go To Guide

  • There are two ways to go to Guide.
  • Press GUIDE or Press MENU, highlight Guide, and press OK.

Parts of Guide

Getting Around Guide

  • To navigate Guide…
    • Jump to a channel by entering the channel with the Number Pad (0-9).
    • Press Page Up or Page Down to jump up or down one screen of listings.
    • Press Page Forward or Page Back to jump 12 hours ahead in listings and up to 12 hours back.
    • Press OK to choose the program you have highlighted. If it is on now, Guide will tune you to the channel.
    • Press Exit to leave the Guide.

Click here for the full Digital TV User Guide