App Updates

Version 2.0 (2-2-2021)

The release of 2.0 has brought a few minor UI changes.

  • Sliding banner on the Home page.
    Home Slider
    This is a new type of media list that brings the TV app inline with the mobile and web versions.

  • Shows/Movies change. The Shows and Movies pages now no longer have various categories listed. It now is simplified with just recommened Shows and Movies that are either live, upcoming, from your recordings or available on demand with Replay TV.

Version 1.27 (8-27-2020)

We skipped a few versions of the app and are now delivering the 1.27 release.

A new view of the MAIN MENU is now available featuring a button entitled HOME. HOME was previously only in the mobile and tablet environment, but now is available in all environments. HOME allows the user to see all shows, movies, networks and services that are available in EZVideo. The SHOWS and MOVIES on the MAIN MENU links to a browse all grid view for the corresponding content type.

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Main Menu Update

Version 1.23 (3-24-2020)

The 1.23 update incorporates both of the 1.22 and 1.23 feature releases. There are several resiliency and stability improvements and a few minor user interface enhancements in the 1.23 app update.

The Main Menu has received a minor visual adjustment to the cursor. The highlighted menu item will now be surrounded in a colored box with white text instead of just highlighted text.

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Main Menu Update

The other minor visual update is with the DVR hours indicator. It is now a solid color at all times instead of changing based on level of usage.

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DVR Hours Update

Version 1.21 (1-8-2020)

The 1.21 update incorporates both of the 1.20 and 1.21 feature releases. There are several resiliency and stability improvements and several minor feature enhancements:

App and Platform Overall

When you set recordings for a series, ONLY the upcoming programs scheduled for recording will be displayed in ‘manage recordings’ instead of ALL upcoming programs of the series (new only vs. re-run).

Phone / Tablet / Mobile Features

  • New features to the recording button (easier to delete recordings, stopping the recordings, extend recording time for a series or episode)
  • DVR screen: now see the amount of storage used (meter)
  • When selecting play on a recorded show from "manage recordings", media player will be launched reducing the steps required to play content.
  • Turn on and off the parental controls, modify the PIN. Refresh policy for this platform has been updated to trigger every half hour.

Error Messaging

When encountering an API error due to connection timeout or no data available, if the authentication cannot be reached after 2 retries, client displays the message: "Thank you for your continued patience while we update the app".

Bug Fixes and New OS Support

For the operating systems: iOS 13, iPad OS, tvOS13, Android Q OS, (including availability with the new 4K Amazon Firecube) support is now built in. Bug fixes for the Android and Apple platforms have also been deployed.

Version 1.19 (10-2-2019)

  • Circular Guide - The Guide has been updated so users can quickly access the beginning or end of the channel list. Now when at the first channel on the top of the Guide, pressing up will immediately place you at the last channel, and vice versa if at the last channel and pressing down.
  • MPAA Rating and High Definition - For programs that have multiple playable or recordable options, we’ve added the parental rating and “HD” badge in the UI so users can quickly select the best option available.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.17 (7-22-2019)

Version 1.17 will add a few new features to the app.

Under certain error conditions in the past, personal recordings of the subscribers obtained a discontinuity status which meant there were some segments in the video file that were not recorded properly. This update will show subscribers with a discontinuity status a badge, indicating there may be problems with the recording. These recordings will be playable--with filler media--allowing the decoder to play through the gaps in the recording.

For subscribers using other languages, a New Display Language feature flag, when enabled, will display code at the end of a channel name, series name or movie/show title if the primary audio language is not English.

Media resiliency has also been updated for Version 1.17. Specifically for NetPVR (video recording application) to limit the job scheduling if memory usage is high, Live Segmenter and an added Media ‘muxer’ enhancement to handle filter media for recordings and catchup play.

Version 1.16 (6-11-2019)

Version 1.16 is also focused on resiliency and stability improvements.

  • Live Buffer Enhancement
    • When watching a pause-able live program, users can now trickplay within the ‘live buffer’ regardless of the catch-up trickplay policy. If the user falls behind the ‘live buffer by pausing for an extended period or rewinding beyond the buffer, we will continue to honor and accrue the ‘live buffer’ as long as the user stays on the same channel. Once the user exits the channel, they lose their accrued buffer.

Version 1.15 (4-29-2019)

Version 1.15 largely implements resiliency and stability improvements.

  • Fixes
    • The authentication, subscription services and playback components have been updated for this release to ensure users have access to stream TV even when the app encounters an HTTP 404 or 500 error.
    • Additional configurable caching logic for app start-up, login and purchase manager API failure use-cases. The default value is for 7-days, but this can be changed to any value. By storing previous successful API responses, we ensure users can continue to access the app when the user data is less likely to change.

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Version 1.14 (2-25-2019)

We have skipped 1.13 and went straight to 1.14 which incorporates all the bug fixes, feature improvements and performance enhancements of both versions.

  • App Feature Updates
  • Fixes
    • Sporting event details pages showing generic image instead of the image associated with the event.
    • Stability improvements - evaluate all components for graceful error handling, code optimization, number of server calls and data validation with an emphasis on stream manager, EAS and recording manager.

Version 1.12 (1-9-2019)

As with most releases, the version 1.12 update will have several server and app fixes and updates that may not be directly user-facing, but will improve user-experience.

  • App Feature Updates
    • When a program is subject to blackout or has had a partial blackout, the media controls will be disabled during and after the blackout policy has been removed. Recording action is prohibited as well as playback of the same is prevented if a recording was set prior to the blackout. Catch-up of content that has had a full or partial blackout will be prevented from playback.
  • Fixes
    • The release of 1.12 will fix an ongoing sporadic logout issue occurring mainly on the Amazon Fire TV devices, after being logged in for more than 3 or 4 weeks.

Version 1.10 (9-28-2018)

Version 1.10 has several behind-the-scenes new features and bug fixes, with minimal changes to the user interface.

  • App Feature Updates
    • The network feature row is now available on mobile/tablet.
    • Selecting “See More” on a network feature row will direct users to a network “Browse All” grid view.
  • Other Features
    • HBO Category updates
    • Dolby Digital for On Demand content
    • Performance stabilization improvements
    • Catalog export for Amazon OS level universal discovery
  • Fixes
    • Filter options now shown in Shows
    • Details page search on Mobile
    • tvOS: playing DVR content fixed

Version 1.9 (8-8-2018)

The 1.9 update has several new changes that will enhance your viewing experience. The upgrades include performance improvements, popular enhancement recommendations from members, and audio options. The main updates are listed below:

Remote Navigation Change

For members using an Android, Amazon Fire or Roku device, the next app update will alter channel navigation. Users will now change channels simply by pressing up or down on the directional pad on the remote. When watching Live TV, skip forward or backward by 12 seconds by tapping left or right on the directional ring. If users long press (hold down) the left or right directional ring or arrow, the media player will begin seeking in the requested direction until the user releases. Click here for more information on navigating live TV.

New Remote Navigation

New Filters

The Category Filters have been moved from the top of the Guide screen to the transition overlay with Replay. Access this screen by pressing left on Android/Amazon/Roku or swipe left on Apple devices. Highlight Filters and press Ok or Select on the remote to just view live and upcoming content by Sports, News, Movies or Kids.

The subscription filter has been removed from the top of the Guide screen. Channels not subscribed to will also no longer appear in the guide. Click here for more information about the Main Menu.

Replay TV and Filters Overlay

From the main channel Guide, press (or swipe) left to get to the Filters option.

Closed Captioning

The Audio option on the media player's name has been changed to "Audio / Subtitle" to make it clearer what the button does. Click here for more information on Closed Captions.

Audio Subtitle Menu

Activate Closed Captioning from the Audio / Subtitle section.