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What is EZVideo?

EZVideo is a live tv platform that gives you all the same programming as a standard cable package, but runs on all your favorite devices such as smartphones, tablets, streaming media boxes, etc. EZVideo has an updated, fast, easy-to-use interface, with new features such as Replay TV, DVR, recommended shows, movies, and much more!

Getting Started

What do I need to get started with EZVideo?

All you need is a DirectLink Internet connection and one of the supported devices used to deliver EZVideo content (a streaming set top box like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Apple TV that plugs into a TV via an HDMI connection, a laptop or desktop computer, or a smartphone or tablet, for example).

Contact us at Canby: 1.833.248.8070 or Mt. Angel:
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and we'll get you started.

How do I connect my streaming set top box to my TV?

The TV must have an open HDMI port for the device to plug in to. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and is the connection used to deliver audio and video content to the TV. HDMI ports are usually found on either side or the back of the TV. Plug the male end of the device into the female port on the TV.

Why do I need an Amazon, Apple, or Google account to use my streaming set top box? How do I create one?

An account with the respective device manufacturer is required in order to download apps like EZVideo. Visit the device manufacturer’s respective website to create a free user account.

How do I download the EZVideo app onto my streaming set top box?

Click here to view instructions to download and install the EZVideo app onto your device.

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

There are two ways to reset your EZVideo password:

  • Call your local DirectLink office and ask for an EZVideo password reset.
  • Log in to EZVideo in a web browser on a computer or laptop and choose “Change Password” from the drop-down menu that appears in the top-right corner of the screen when the profile icon is selected. A password reset prompt will be sent to the email addresses associated with your account.

How do I get to the Guide?

Once you're signed into the EZVideo app, hit the "down" button on your remote. Then select "Guide" from the menu using the middle "okay" button on your remote. /var/www/html/directlink.coop/app/smarty/templates_c/f57b63d85bd284c339baf249db5dd71b92d95b69_0.file.ezvideo-faq-inner-2020.tpl.php on line 143
support/ezvideo/menu">Click here for more information on using the Main Menu.

How do I "channel surf" or quickly change channels?

While watching Live TV, On Android TV or Amazon Fire TV: press the down button to go down a channel, and press the up button to up a channel.
On Apple TV: swipe left to go up a channel, and swipe right to go down a channel.


How do I record a series?

While watching Live TV, press the main "OK" button to view some options. Select "Record" from the list of buttons below. This will bring up some options to record this episode only, or all for this show.

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support/ezvideo/dvr">Click here for more information on using your DVR and managing recordings.

What happens when I’m close to or at my DVR storage limit and I add or schedule a new recording?

If you’re at or close to your DVR’s storage capacity and a new program is set to record, a confirmation message will pop up on the screen. If the new recording is set, EZVideo will delete the oldest recording in your DVR to make room for the new one. In the DVR, recordings are organized from left to right, newest to oldest. So, if the new recording is a movie that would put you over the storage limit and you confirm the new recording, EZVideo will delete the oldest movie (furthest to the right in the row) to make room. This is important to remember because one of the great features of EZVideo’s DVR is that recordings can be kept as long as you’d like, so storage space must be cleared manually.

How do I delete a recording from my DVR?

While inside the DVR interface, navigate to the desired recording you’d like to delete. If the recording is a movie, it will be one of a few options when the title is selected. If the recording is an episode of a TV show, you have the option to delete individual episodes or all episodes at once from inside the TV show’s section of the DVR.

Can I upgrade my DVR storage space?

Yes. Each EZVideo account includes a base level of DVR storage hours and that can be upgraded by contacting DirectLink to ask about upgrading. Contact us at Canby: 1.833.248.8070 or Mt. Angel:
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How many programs can I record at one time?

As long as there is enough space in your DVR, there is no limit to the number of programs that can be recorded at once.

Can I keep my recordings from cable TV when I switch to EZVideo?

No. Since recordings on the IPTV platform are stored locally on a DVR set top box, they cannot be transferred to the EZVideo platform, which features a watch-anywhere DVR system that does not store recordings locally.

How many simultaneous streams does EZVideo support?

The number of streams (one stream equals one TV/device playing EZVideo) available depends on your Internet speed. In order to ensure a quality viewing experience, there are limits to the number of streams users can have with their EZVideo account.

  • 10 Mbps = 1 stream
  • 30 Mbps = 3 streams
  • 100 Mbps = 5 streams
  • 250 Mbps and more = 7 streams
Can I extend a scheduled recording in case a program runs past its time block?

Yes. This can be done a couple different ways. If you set a TV series to record, a "Recording Options" screen will appear asking you to confirm a few details. The bottom one is "Extend" which allows for an additional 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes to be added onto the end of a recording.

Can I set my scheduled series to record only new episodes?

Yes. If you set a TV series to record, a "Recording Options" screen will appear asking you to confirm a few details. The top one can be toggled to record "New Only" or "New and Reruns."

Can I set a program to record from my phone or other device when away from home?

Yes. Simply log in to your EZVideo account on a supported mobile device and search for an upcoming program to add to your DVR.

Can I watch my recordings when away from home?

Yes. You’ll need an Internet connection, either through a WiFi network or a device’s mobile data plan.

Can I fast forward and rewind through a recorded program?

Yes. Use the left- and right-facing arrows on your set top box remote or toggle the timeline with the computer mouse or your finger if on a desktop or mobile device.

Where are my recordings stored?

Recordings are stored in what is commonly referred to as "the cloud." This means that recordings are not stored in a box in your home, but rather in an online server that allows access to them anywhere with an Internet connection.

Recently Watched

How can I flip back-and-forth between channels quickly?

The best way is to use the Recently Watched feature. On an Amazon Fire TV device, it lives below the Main Menu, which is accessed by pressing the button on the right-side of the remote with the three bars. Once the Menu is open, scroll down and you’ll see your 15 most recently watched programs. Select one and it will begin playing.

Can I see what’s playing on a channel before selecting it?

Yes, if the program is a live channel. Since the Recently Watched section also includes DVR and Replay TV content, those tiles will not show what is currently playing since they are not live programs.

How many channels are in the Recently Watched section?

The Recently Watched section below the Main Menu includes the 15 most recently watch programs.

What types of programs show up in the Recently Watched section?

It includes live, recorded, and Replay TV content organized from most recently watched, left to right.

Is the Recently Watched section specific to each profile?

Yes. The programs that appear in the Recently Watched section will be specific to each EZVideo profile.

Replay TV

Can I watch a program after it has aired if I forgot to record it?

In most cases, yes. If that channel has Replay TV enabled, its content will appear in the Replay TV section to the left of the Guide for 75 hours after it aired live. For example, if a program aired from 7PM-8PM on Monday, it will then be able to watch through 10PM on Thursday.

Can I add a program to my DVR from the Replay TV section?

No. Content listed in the Replay TV section of the EZVideo app cannot be added to the DVR.

Why are some channels not available on Replay TV?

About 80% of all EZVideo channels have Replay TV enabled. Those that do not are restricted by their content provider on a contractual basis.


Why should I watch programming when logged into an EZVideo profile?

Profiles help to customize your EZVideo experience.

How do I add, delete, or personalize a profile?

Navigate to the DVR section of the EZVideo app. At the top of the screen, there is an icon that looks like a gear/cog. Select the icon to open the Settings menu. From there, navigate to the Profiles section.

How do I access and change parental controls?

Navigate to the DVR section of the EZVideo app. At the top of the screen, there is an icon that looks like a gear/cog. Select the icon to open the Settings menu. From there, navigate to the Parental Controls section. When Parental Controls are turned on, you will be asked to create a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will then need to be entered on-screen in order to watch content rated R, TV-MA, or NC-17. Disable Parental Controls by toggling off from the same menu and entering the PIN.


How do I turn subtitles on or off?

While watching a program, press the Select button to open the in-show menu. This will bring up a few options. Select “Audio/Subtitles” and then toggle Closed Captions on or off.

How can I make the EZVideo app easier to find on my Amazon Fire TV device?

Locate the EZVideo app in the “My apps and channels” section (the second row on the home screen just below “Recent.” Hover over the EZVideo app and press the Menu button (with the three bars on the right-side of the remote). A small sidebar menu will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen with a few options. Select “Move to front,” and the EZVideo app will appear at the very front of the second row of apps on your home screen.

Can I use one remote to operate my TV and Amazon Fire TV device?

Yes. The remote that comes with an Amazon Fire TV device will sync to your TV and allow for control of volume and power with the buttons on the remote.

Can I adjust the size of the text on my screen?

The text inside the EZVideo app cannot be adjusted at this time.

Does EZVideo support voice search?

Yes. While inside the Search section of the EZVideo app, press and hold down the microphone button on your remote (if it has one) and speak your search key. Please note that this feature only works if inside the Search section of the EZVideo app.


What is the "Are you still watching?" message?

After 4 hours of inactivity (no channel changes, no button presses) the EZVideo app will display a message asking "Are you still watching?". If you don't respond, the EZVideo app will stop streaming and go to the device home screen, allowing the device to power down or go to sleep. Similar to your PC conserving power by using a screensaver or going to sleep, this feature prevents wasting Internet bandwidth if there is no one watching. For example, if you were to turn your television off, the streaming device will still maintain a connection and consume bandwidth.

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