Parental Controls (basic)

To create a parental control profile:

  1. From the home screen, select the “People” tab to create a new profile
  2. Enter the name for the profile in the box and select the devices you would like to add to this profile
  3. Select “Done” (at the top of the screen)

Once the profile is created you can do the following:

  • Tap “Edit” in the profile and add a picture if desired
  • Swipe the internet Access toggle off to pause all devices connected to this profile
  • Set time limit schedules to turn internet access off for all devices in a profile during specific times and days
  • To bring devices back online swipe the toggle back on
  • Tap “Edit” and “Add” to add more devices to this profile
  • Tap the red minus icon to remove devices from this profile

Note: If a device has the OMNI IQ App, do not add it to a profile, as you may inadvertently cut off your access to these controls. If this happens, switch to mobile data to restart the profile with your app device.

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