Calling Features Bundle
Included with Flat Rate Telephone
Choose 8 calling features.
Get any 8 of your favorite calling features such as Call Waiting, Caller ID, Priority Call, etc.

Ala Carte Features:

Anonymous Call Rejection prevents telephone numbers with the Line Block feature from ringing your telephone. The caller receives voice instructions on how to unblock their number so that the call will then be accepted. Use dial code *77.

There are times when you do not wish to have your telephone number displayed on a Caller ID unit. You can call anonymously by utilizing the Caller ID Blocking feature provided by DirectLink. This feature works on a per-call basis and there is no charge for usage.

How to use Caller ID blocking:
  • Press *67 (Rotary 1167) before dialing the number you wish to call. Your name and number will not be shown on a Caller ID unit.
How to temporarilty turn off Caller ID blocking:
  • If you have chosen to block your telephone number from appearing on people's Caller ID units when you make calls, your call will not go through if they have Anonymous Call Rejection active on their line. You can complete your call by temporarily deactivating the Caller ID Blocking feature on your line.
  • Lift the receiver and dial *82 (Rotary 1182) before dialing the number you wish to call. Your name and number will now appear on Caller ID Units.

This feature works on a per call basis and there is no charge for its use.

Caller ID allows you to see the incoming telephone number and/or name of the caller before you answer the telephone.

See who your second caller is before answering your Call Waiting call. After the Call Waiting tone, your special Call Waiting ID display unit will show the name and number of most callers.

Call Forwarding $2.00 / month
Selective Call Forwarding $2.00 / month
Remote Activated Call Forwarding $4.00 / month

The Call Transfer feature allows you to connect and transfer any incoming call to another party.

How to use Call Transfer:
  • Place your current call on hold by pressing the switchhook for about 1 second.
  • Dial the third party's telephone number.
  • Listen for the ring, then simply hang up. the first and third parties will be connected.

*This is a free feature and can't be included in a bundle.

Call Waiting alerts you of an incoming call while you are on the phone. A beeping tone alerts you that another call is attempting to ring through.

Allows you to dial a code that will automatically redial the last number you dialed. If the called number is busy, the feature will redial the called number for a limited period of time. A distinctive ring will alert you when the called number becomes available.

Distinctive Ring gives you an additional telephone number that when dialed rings to your main telephone number with a distinctive tone pattern - one ring means a call for you, the other means the call is for someone else.

*Distinctive Ring cannot be included in the Calling Features Bundle.

This feature will automatically dial the telephone number of the last incoming call, whether you answered it or not. Use dial code *69.

Allows you to assign a maximum of eight callers’ telephone numbers to a special list. When someone from the list calls you will hear a distinctive ring. Use dial code *61.

When you’re on the go and want incoming calls to follow you, Call Forward Don’t Answer is an easy way to stay in touch. Set up the feature first by calling your local Member Services Center. Press *92 to activate the service, followed by the number to which you’d like the call forwarded (*93 to deactivate).

Don’t want to miss an important call while someone else is on the phone? Use this convenient way to forward incoming calls to another telephone number when your land line is busy. Use dial code *90 to activate (*91 to deactivate).

There are times that you only want to hear from certain people. You can create a list of up to 30 numbers that you want to be able to contact you. Calls from numbers not contained in your list will hear an announcement that informs them you are not receiving calls at this time. Use dial code *64.

Call Rejection allows you to create a list of telephone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from telephone numbers on your list are sent an announcement that informs the caller you are not receiving calls from them. Use dial code *60.

Speed Calling 8 $2.00 / month
Speed Calling 30 $3.00 / month

Talk with two people at the same time with a three-way conversation.

Toll Restriction allows you to have a telephone that makes local calls only and blocks long distance calls in many different ways. For example, you can block long distance calling by toll number (900 numbers).

Are people making long distance calls on your telephone and not paying for them? Now you can have a telephone that restricts all long distance calls for everyone but you.

Distribute phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines.

View the Telephone User Guide for more instructions on using your telephone service. Guía de usario del teléfono en Español.